Microsoft attacks Apple on mobile music

old_mobile_phoneMicrosoft has taken a stab at the UK’s mobile music artist, this morning introducing a new music download service through MSN Mobile.

The new service is attempting to tempt UK consumers to purchase and download songs, realtones and music videos from thousands of major artists as well as up and coming acts.

The content licenses and technical platform for MSN Mobile Music is offered in partnership with VidZone Digital Media.

The new service is available across all UK networks and boasts a catalogue of up to 1 million tracks, 25,000 Realtones and 10,000 Music Videos from record labels including Sony, EMI and Warner Music.

It’s expensive, though: Users who have an internet-enabled phone may purchase full tracks for £1.50, realtones for £3.00 or music videos at £2.00 each via the PayForIt billing framework. Charges will appear on the user’s monthly bill in the case of post pay, or debited direct from the prey pay balance in the case of pre pay mobile plans.
The service is available when users browse to on their phone’s internet browser and select the music service from the menu. Alternatively users can text MSN to 63463 and will be sent a link to the service.
Hugh Griffiths, director MSN Mobile UK, said, “With over 130 handsets having access to the music store from day one, this is an exciting proposition that for the first time provides consumers a network agnostic service with a vast array of new and old music from major music labels.  In the 12 months since launch, MSN Mobile has already become the UK’s largest commercial non-operator mobile portal. This is another step in its development” 
Michael Russo, CTO of VidZone Digital Media said,” This partnership builds upon the existing relationship we have with Microsoft’s Xbox Live service and the MSN Video portal. This deal not only highlights the importance MSN is putting on music content, but is also an example of music monetisation that has chart effect.”
The MSN Mobile Music Service is compatible with over 130 popular handsets with more being added in 2009.

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