Mickey Mouse gets mean

Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger today called on ISPs to ban people who illegally download content.

Disney owns US network ABC and produces a range of hit shows including Desperate Housewives and Lost. Iger was speaking in London.

Iger was referring to the recently-announced deal under which six of the UK’s biggest ISPs will begin sending warning letters to customers that copyright bodies claim have downloaded content.

He suggested that in future deals between distributors and content creators could include clauses that force distributors to ban illegal downloaders.

“We are simply asking for people who are downloading illegal files to get a warning initially then to get their service cut off,” he said. “That should be part of the agreement with these companies. We are not asking for information on who the customer is or to show up with law enforcement authorities,” Iger said.

He stressed his belief that content distribution companies, including ISP’s, “should work with us to prevent people from stealing.”

Iger also said Disney was looking to make further acquisitions in the UK.

Via: The Guardian.

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