Metallica, YouTube and BitTorrent

Metallica, whose leaked album ‘Death Magnetic’ should ship September 12 release, introduced a YouTube promotion today featuring ten of the band’s favorite Metallica cover versions as found on the site (Wired source).

There’s more material on the official YouTube Metallica channel.

Oh, and the band appear chilled at the recent leak of their album, with Lars Ulrich saying in a statement: “Listen, we’re ten days from release. I mean, from here, we’re golden,” he told San Francisco’s Live 105. “If this thing leaks all over the world today or tomorrow, happy days. Happy days. Trust me. Ten days out and it hasn’t quote-unquote fallen off the truck yet? Everybody’s happy. It’s 2008 and it’s part of how it is these days, so it’s fine. We’re happy.”

Here’s one of Metallica’s ten hand-picked clips:

Via: The Licensing Plate

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