Metallica ship iPod-ready jacket

metallica-sessions-m4-jacketIn a twist of fate, digital music hold-outs Metallica have introduced an iPod-ready band-branded jacket…

The jacket includes Skullcandy speakers hidden in the hood and an iPod dock connector. Dubbed the M4 jacket, the band plans to make only 800 of the things in collaboration with sportswear company, Sessions.

You also get on-sleeve iPod or iPhone controls and a bunch of Metallica-inspired artistic details. The coat will cost $330 when it appears in August. The only way to get one of these jackets is to be member of the Metallica Club.

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich this week waxed lyrical about his band’s infamous attacks on digital music pioneer, Napster. And he’s unrepentant, saying, “I’m proud of what we did, and what we stood up for,” he says, although admitting that the band faced criticism for its actions. “You have to give props to the other side because they did run a brilliant campaign, and they did portray me and Metallica as being greedy rock pigs and luddites who were completely behind what was happening technologically.”

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