Melodis picks up $7m for hummer’s mobile app

Music recognition software company, Melodis, has raised millions in venture capital funding for development of its application.

Melodis was formed by four Stanford University technologists in a dorm room in 2005. Their first project was to build midomi, a search engine that allows people to search for music by singing or humming

We all know that these are similar features to those offered by Shazam, but this hasn’t stopped Melodis picking up $7 million in second round VC financing. And unlike Shazam, which can recognise the song when you hold your phone up to the speakers, Melodis can manage a pretty accurate guess even when you hum your chosen tune.

Melodis said their musical search app for the iPhone and iPod touch called midomi is available for free download from the iTunes App store, where it is the 95th most downloaded free app. Shazam is at 32.

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