March 13: Google YouTube bins Apple Safari 2, IE6, more

Yet another sign this morning that means the end of time for non-Intel Macs – Google has announced plans to end YouTube support for Safari 2, the previous version of the Apple browser.

Now, this may not be anything for most of us to lose too many tears over, but for many running older operating systems on older Macs, it will be yet another reason to upgrade.

It isn’t just Safari that’s impacted. YouTube will also end support for Internet Explorer 6 – a nine-year old buggy Windows browser that still accounts for an estimated 20 per cent of web traffic. Also set for the great YouTube switch-off: Firefox 2 and Chrome 3.

“Surfing the Web on an old browser can be a lot like running a steam engine along the tracks of a bullet train – it may still work, but it doesn’t take advantage of the speed and security of the new technology,” Google said.

The switch hits off on March 13. Google will also discontinue IE6 support for Gmail later this year.

It isn’t a case of total death – users will be able to watch YouTube videos in the older browsers, however, “some features that we launch in the weeks and months ahead may not be supported in these browsers,” the company warns.

UPDATE: Also check Mozilla’s recent decision to restrict OS X support to 10.5 in future Firefox editions.

4 thoughts on “March 13: Google YouTube bins Apple Safari 2, IE6, more

  1. scott in jupiter

    If you have a mac that’s still running 10.3.9 you can move to Opera 10.10 and youtube runs fine.
    I still use a Pismo as a beater laptop and it doesn’t like 10.4 which you need for Firefox 3.

    That may get you a bit more time out of your paleomac although you still need 10.4 to run Flash 10 which causes some slow downs.

  2. Jonny Post author

    I really like this post Scott – if you ever wanted to pull together a little account of how to run a veteran mac (and get the best out of it) I’d be interested to see it.

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