Make Your Own Steve Jobs Email Buddy…

What’s with this all-new forever emailing Steve Jobs and his new sunny disposition to answer questions and reassure Apple fans?

I mean, from being arguably one of the most enigmatic men in the industry, this newer, friendlier, slightly more talkative Jobs just can’t seem to stop himself engaging with Apple users.

He seems to send an email almost every day….

I mean, today’s news, hot on the heels of confirmation that Apple continues to focus on the Mac and that there’s no plan to support Google’s Picasa on the iPad, up pops Steve again to respond to a query from Julio Rodriguez, who asked if the iPhone would ever have a universal inbox just like Mail has on the Mac…

The answer? In customary terse Steve speak, “Yep”.

Well, with all the emailing going down we figured now might be a good moment to tell you about paper artist Jay Hauf, who has created a papercraft Steve Jobs cut out.

Just download the template, print it, cut it, and fold it and you’ll have your very own Apple CEO on your desk, so you can look to it and hope for an email one day. (Via iPhone Savior).

3 thoughts on “Make Your Own Steve Jobs Email Buddy…

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