Majors want different things to join iTunes Plus…

You’ve been waiting for DRM-free music from all the major labels through iTunes, right? We reported on a “blink-and-you-miss-it” moment when tracks from majors blipped briefly in Apple’s iTunes Plus line-up? Just WTF is going down?

Negotiations may be narrowing toward closure – though at this point nothing is certain – will the labels join in or not? It’s late-night stone-faced deal make/break hardball, we reckon…

Out on the perimeter, reports are now coming in which explain just why the majors haven’t crossed the ‘T’s and dotted the ‘i’s just yet – and, it seems, each label is hard-faced on closing the deal on different points….

What will Apple do? What will the labels do? We can’t predict that, but we can point you to this really rather interesting Hypebot post which puts forward what music industry insiders are whispering and speculating on THIS MINUTE NOW….

Direct lift from Hypebot:

“- Warner Music Group wants variable pricing on the track level including some hit product above $.99 cents.

– Sony BMG wants to work with iTunes using the agency model.  As it is with Rhapsody, Amazon and others, Sony BMG is the actual seller of tracks and iTunes woulc be the agent delivering them. Sony BMG’s concern is that competition will drive track prices lower and the agency model allows them to maintain complete control.

– Universal wants watermarking on the individual track purchase level.  Apparently other download stores have agreed or are close to agreeing to do the same. How it will effect consumers remains unclear.”

Go read the original, and have a ponder – of the lot, I’m feeling water-marking on non-DRM tracks is the least inclusive of the modern audience, but that’s just me….

(Given the nature of the calls claimed in the original report, we reckon concerned parties are inching to a deal – MW Expo? Speculation of course – these things take time – but go enjoy conjecture, why not?)

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