Majors go DRM-free with iTunes Plus


itunes_plusGiven the extent of repeated rumours in the run-up to Christmas, it’s no great surprise that fresh reports this morning claim Apple could announce a fully DRM-free iTunes Store as soon as today.

The report claims Apple has also given agreement to flexible pricing on music, so labels will be able to charge slightly more for in vogue hits, though the cost of older tracks will fall to 79-cents in the US.

Moving toward a potentially succesful mobile music play, Apple may also announce the ability for iPhone owners to buy music from iTunes over mobile networks, the report explains. Right now, you can only purchase tracks using your iPhone on a WiFi connection.

Recent weeks have also seen repeated claims of an upcoming iPhone nano and a netbook from Apple. Fun and games, perhaps Phil (Schiller) will have a few big announcements as Apple sunders its Macworld connection tonight.

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