Magnetosphere developers confirm iTunes link

While a senior member of Apple’s iTunes team was unable to tell me straight, word’s out now that Apple did indeed acquire Magnetosphere as the new visualiser within iTunes 8.

As I wrote on Tuesday, a highly senior iTunes Europe source refused to confirm the use of Magnetosphere in iTunes 8, instead saying, “We’re not the kind of company that buys in technologies.”

Apple purchased iTunes (then called SoundJam) from the now defunct Casady and Greene in 2000. To be fair, the senior chap may well have been speaking sardonically, or something.

A statement on the Magnetosphere developer the Barbarian Group’s website does indeed confirm Apple to be the kind of company that buys in technology.

“Hey there. Thanks for your interest in Magnetosphere. We’re insanely, ridiculously proud to say that Magnetosphere now lives in iTunes – Apple’s world-class media player for Mac and PC. You can download iTunes with Magnetosphere built-in here. The Barbarian Group no longer maintains, develops or owns Magnetosphere. We do, however, own a lot of shoes.”

Magnetosphere was released in May 2007 and pulled from the Barbarian Group’s website some time in February 2008.

Digg founder Kevin Rose confirmed the visualisers identity some time last week.

Anyway, here’s the now famous video of the visualiser in action – now Apple just need to make it a whole bunch easier to launch the visualiser in iTunes….

…. and make it work with Apple TV….

Via: MacLife

Magnetosphere revisited (audio by Tosca) from flight404 on Vimeo.

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