Macs cheaper, easier, than PC’s for business use – report

Mac sales will increase on strength of the latest report from the Enterprise Desktop Alliance (EDA) which claims Macs are easier to manage in enterprise and business environments.

In a survey of 260 IT administrators in large U.S. companies running mixed Mac/PC networks, EDA found Macs were cheaper in six of seven computer management categories: troubleshooting, help desk calls, system configuration, user training and supporting infrastructure (servers, networks and printer).

Additional highlights:

– 65% of respondents said it costs less to troubleshoot Macs than PCs
– 19% said they spent the same on both computers
– 16% said they spent less to manage PCs than Macs

Meanwhile do spend a moment considering the latest NPD data, which suggests Mac sales climbed 43 percent last month, with iPod sales also showing sales increase. Is 2010 the year of the Mac?

4 thoughts on “Macs cheaper, easier, than PC’s for business use – report

  1. Sunny Guy

    I knew this 15 years ago, when I worked as manager of sysadmin at a high tech company of 120+ employees. They weren’t buying Macs when they hired me … but they were (again) by the time I had been there six months. Macs are way cheaper to administer, imo. Saving some bucks upfront on junk PCs, is penny wise and pound foolish. Your captive users will quietly loathe them. Buying Macs – for those who preferred them – boosted employee morale tremendously. If your company is run by cheap bean counters, you have my condolences. I doubt they shortchange their own offices, to save some bucks.

    Sunny Guy

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