Mac OS X 10.6.3 seed seems consumer-friendly, UK iPad prices slip…

Apple has shipped yet another developer seed of the in-development Mac OS X 10.6.3, and once again this release seems to have few critical issues, at least according to the Seed notes provided by World Of Apple – in a separate report, UK iPad prices may now have been slipped, read on…

Suggesting once again that release of the software is heading toward imminent, bar discovery of any critical problems, the report notes build 10D561 is different to previous builds because it is being made available to developers in both delta and combo formats.

In other words, the OS X upgrade is being made available now in formats in which these updates are customarily delivered to the public. (We wonder if it will ship overnight, as Friday’s a popular OS upgrade day? Just speculating, there).

The delta download size is reported to be 787MB.

More information is here.

Another important report for UK readers suggests leaked iPad prices (though 3G prices aren’t available yet).

As reported by TUAW, prices will be as follows (though it is not clear if these are inclusive or exclusive of VAT):

  • The 16GB Wi-Fi will be £389
  • The 32GB Wi-Fi model will be £439
  • The 64GB Wi-Fi model will be £489

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