Mac OS X 10.5 is dominant Apple OS as Windows share declines

If you’re willing to think about it, it appears Mac OS X marketshare has climbed 29 percent in the past year, while Microsoft Windows has lost 3.8 per cent, new research informs.

New research also tells us that Mac OS X 10.5 still holds the largest portion of Apple’s OS X share, with 52.1 per cent, meaning plenty of opportunities for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard sales.

Quantcast data tells us about browser share from across its sample of publishers, revealing the changing fortunes of the Unix-based OS and its Windows imitator.

“Data shows that in January 2010, Microsoft Windows accounted for 86.8% share of North American web consumption, Apple OS X accounted for 10.9%, and mobile browsers accounted for 1.3%,” at least that’s what VentureBeat tells us.

Apple’s relative share has grown by 29.4% in the past year, while Windows lost 3.8%. Mobile increased the most in the past year, more than doubling its share of web consumption. (The iPhone and iPod touch grabbed over 60 percent of mobile web consumption in Jan 2010 in North America).

Windows XP still rules the roost in businesses, with both Vista and the rapidly gaining Windows 7 having a home bias, Wuantcast informs.

10 thoughts on “Mac OS X 10.5 is dominant Apple OS as Windows share declines

  1. Louis wheeler

    Let’s analyze this a little further. Since August 28, 2009, Six months ago, Snow Leopard has gained 27% of the Mac market share and is growing at about 5% a month. Snow Leopard will, thus, gain around 60% market share in June or July and 90% in December — 14 months. This is a faster growth rate than 10.5 which had upgraded to 93% in 19 months.

    Most of that gain will be from new Mac sales or 10.5 conversion. The hold up, for some, is that Snow leopard is Intel hardware only.

    Why is this conversion important? It is because the conversion to Snow Leopard in incomplete until Apple turns on the 64 bit Kernel by default. Apple is unlikely to do this until the majority of the Mac Apps have been converted to 64 code and a large enough portion of Mac Market place is in Snow leopard. I’m expecting this around July.

    A whole series of enhancements open up when Apple is in the 64 bit kernel of which the most important is speed followed by increased security. Once people find out about these enhancements, I expect the conversion rate to increase.

    Meanwhile, the Window Seven has gone from 2% using the beta to 9% of its market share in four months. These are large numbers, because Microsoft has 90% of the world’s computers. Windows Seven seems to be growing at about 2% a month or at twice the rate of Vista’s adoption.

    This does seem to be a disappointing rate. The Windows XP users constitute the bulk of Windows computers and they don’t seem to be moving yet. It could be the poor economy, or that Windows Seven will not improve performance on their computer. We will have to see.

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