Low cost iTunes/eMusic aggregator bows

RouteNote is a newly launched music delivery and distribution service which allows artists to sell their music onto iTunes, eMusic and other stores, without paying upfront fees, losing rights or paying an up-front fee. We’ve not tested this service, but it promises 90 per cent of the download profit will go direct to the artist, so maybe worth a look if you have such a plan?

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1 thought on “Low cost iTunes/eMusic aggregator bows

  1. Steven


    Im from RouteNote. Thanks for the write up it is much appreciated. Our service is def. worth a look. Unlike other services (tunecore and cdbaby) we dont have any upfront fees and unlike the orchard we dont charge crazy rates.

    All artists keep 100% ownership of their tracks and we allow artists to leave the service whenever they feel it isnt working. Artists can also opt in to use any one of our retails partners and arent obliged to use all of them.


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