Lost Tunes to offer exclusive La’s, Delays music

Universal’s high-quality rare cut digital music service, Lost Tunes, today made a range of previously unreleased tracks by the La’s available, while also declaring a plan to release an exclusive EP featuring the Delays on October 10.

The Delays EP sees the band offer cover versions of tracks from Nico, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Go Go’s and The House of Love. Appearently the band got to choose four of their favourite ‘lost tunes’ for the release, which will only be available via Lost Tunes.

“For us it’s always been about songs and to get to reinterpret the music that has inspired us is a massive thrill,” said singer/guitarist Greg Gilbert. “The Lost Tunes catalogue is so rich it was hard to know where to start but we feel we’ve found some real gems whilst ‘lost’ in the vaults.”
They recorded Nico’s ‘These Days’. ‘Christine’ by the House of Love, ‘Bad Moon Rising’ by Creedence Clearwater Revival and the Go-Go’s classic track, ‘Tonight’. The EP is completed by a demo of Delays’ original “Keep It Simple” from “Everything’s The Rush”.
This release will coincide with another major Lost Tunes exclusive, a new collection of previously-unreleased material from The La’s – eight rare recordings including the John Leckie and Steve Lilywhite mixes of ‘Come In Out Come Out’ and John Leckie and the Bob Andrew mix of ‘Way Out’.
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