Look: Your iPhone camera just got better, much better…

Apple has come up with a fresh approach to the camera in mobile phones, including the iPhone and iPod touch – a solution in which your camera lens becomes an interesting new element in the touch-based user interface.

As explained by the patent hounds at Patently Apple, “Cool New Finger Swiping Camera Controls coming to iPhone & iPad”.

This is “designed to help users control their incoming calls and voicemail by simply swiping their finger over the external camera lens. It will control rewinding and fast forwarding voicemail. “

It seems pretty cool – it will also let you navigate websites, documents, contacts, iTunes just by swiping your finger across the camera lens. This is interesting because, in the case of an iPhone, you’d be able to navigate your device easily with just one finger, with no need to use the other hand for all that pointing and stuff.

“This would theoretically allow a user to simply flick a finger over the camera lens to turn the page of a book or scroll a webpage without ever having to move your hand. This is an excellent idea on several fronts that will have Apple’s competition on the run, again,” Patently Apple informs.

Take a look.

2 thoughts on “Look: Your iPhone camera just got better, much better…

  1. adambanksdotcom

    Trying this out on my iPhone – it feels awkward and only works* if I hold it in my left hand (not right as in pic). What about making the whole back of the iPhone touch sensitive, like the Magic Mouse?

    *I mean feels like it’s working, obviously.

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