Livestation adds German TV to online network

Online live TV streaming company, Livestation, has signed up a new broadcaster to its service, Germany’s Deutsche Welle.

Livestation will carry Deutsche Welle TV and radio across its network into people’s homes via broadband. The German broadcaster is the ninth partner to be signed by Livestation – other broadcasters include BBC World, EuroNews (English, French, German and Italian), France 24 (French and English), Bloomberg, Al Jazeera and Russia Today. 

Holger Hank, Head of the New Media Division at Deutsche Welle explained, “More and more viewers are expecting excellent quality and high resolution when they are watching Internet television online. That’s why we are delighted to offer DW-TV on Livestation. We know that more and more of Deutsche Welle’s viewers are switching to the Internet.”

Livestation boss Matteo Berlucchi observed the addition of the German broadcaster would add breadth to his firm’s offering, noting also that, “We have found, from looking at our statistics, that Livestation viewers like to compare and contrast the way the big players treat news. This ability to have so many perspectives all in one place is a Livestation strength.”

Livestation is based on a software technology co-developed with Microsoft Research which offers a highly scalable and reliable watching experiences over broadband.

The Livestation player is available for both Intel and PowerPC Macs, Windows and (soon) Linux.

Soon after launch of the Intel Mac client the software became the most popular download on, it is still there in fifth place. “At one point we were experiencing 30 downloads a minute for the Intel Mac Player,” the company explains.

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