, YouTube, iTunes…tunes and Twones

New music-related start-up, Twones is a new in-development service which monitors Last.FM, YouTube, MySpace, iTunes, Muxtape and others.

What it does: Twones is a one-stop management and access application that will store, organize, find and share your music, whether its songs you like and hear on web-based services or music you have stored within your iTunes collection.

It will also monitor what your friends are playing – regardless of whether they’re cherry-picking through or listening to a few tracks on their computer, and enable them to watch and learn from your stunning musical taste.

As the site itself explains it:

“1 track
Aggregate ALL your music. Online and offline. Tie your favorites together in one single place. Your classics in iTunes or on YouTube,, Muxtape and the rest will find a home on your musical timeline on Twones.

“2 store
Tie your all favorites together in one single place and create your library like you own it! Bookmark and store the musical web!

“3 socialize
Follow your friends and heroes. Receive their music feeds, in real-time, from all over the web without visiting their profiles one by one. Know what they listen to whenever, wherever. And speak up. Recommend, discuss, agree, disagree!

“4 discover
Discover new music and new music services you never heard of. The musical timeline of your friends and heroes is your musical guide. And of course they follow your spins. Spread the word, spread the music!”

The Twones team are music lovers too and a mixed talent of music label owners, music and internet entrepreneurs, start-up veterans and online marketing and tech wizards.

The service made its debut at Midem earlier on this year.

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