pushes personal ads vision last week introduced a redesigned website, equipped with a host of new features designed to make the service even better for music fans – and today the company began to stress the new opportunities for advertisers within the new portal.
The company revealed that leading brands, including Converse and Motorola, have chosen to sign-up for’s new ads opportunity, saying this means next-generation marketing campaigns featuring “smart ads” designed to establish a one-to-one connection with the user. co-founder, Martin Stiksel, said: “We’ve built an ever-growing community of opinion-forming music fans, actively engaged with and returning again and again daily to their pages. We offer advertisers the ability to reach this crucial audience and hold their attention because we know what they’re into, and we know the kinds of features they respond best to. We’ve already had great success targeting campaigns for global brands like the BBC, Orange, and Apple, and the new site opens up even more compelling opportunities.” explains some of the new features of its service which should attract advertisers, these focus on making marketing personal, and include:

• Advertisers’ messages can “move in time” to the beat of the music being played on the user’s page;
• An ad can reflect the musical content or activity on the page on which it is placed, to provide a personalised experience for each individual user who views it; 

• Ads could include a map with concert listings for the artist being listened to and allow users to buy tickets, or book a hotel in the area;
• Ads can also be targeted to specific demographics and psychographics, allowing clients to reach tweens, generation x, urban and hip-hop audiences, etc.

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