, others, get social on iPhone 2

We looked at Shazam’s music recognition and tagging application for the iPhone last week, but a few moments is all it takes to track down a host of other interesting socially-connected music applications available through the App Store. These include apps from and new (to us) app that works a little like Shazam, Midomi.
The free application offers users access to their personalised station, along with a way the to create stations based on any artist or tag. Users can also stream music made available for streaming through the service, and gain built-in song purchase links from iTunes.
Midomi is another free application and will also recognise a song from either listening to it on a speaker system, or through a users singing or humming part of a song. It also responds to you saying the song or artist name you seek, or through a typed query, once a song;s identified, the app sends you to YouTube or iTunes for more.
Internet radio gets a good look in, courtesy of £2.99 app, Tuner, which enables access to thousands of these using a WiFi connection.
There’s new breeds in event-focused social apps, including Eventful (which, thankfully, also works in the UK). This free app lets you choose your favourite acts and will let you know if they are set to perform in your local area. It also lets you track what your friends are doing.

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