KavaTunes iTunes web jukebox ships

So – you’ve foolishly left your iPod behind and don’t carry too much music on your laptop – and you’re itching to listen to some songs from your collection that you’ve neglected to bring along. KavaSoft will help you.
KavaTunes 3.2 is a web jukebox for iTunes. It makes websites that look and work like iTunes, so you can browse, search and play your music using any web browser. KavaTunes features continuous playback, so you can queue up an album or playlist and listen to one song after another.

KavaTunes can add album artwork to your music library, and include artwork in the catalogue. It will also make sites that look and work like an iPod.
The service offers details on your most played artists, recently added albums, recently played songs, and top rated albums. The system will also allow you to enable visitors to listen to the music on the site. KavaTunes costs $35.

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