Kaufman Bros’ Wu warns MacBook inventories ‘tight’ – new models looming?

Time for a quick short story – looks like all eyes now are in hubbub for new model MacBook Pros, with at least one analyst getting pretty excited at the imminence of their appearance.

Kaufman analyst Shaw Wu claims a check of the distribution channel suggests that MacBook Pro supplies are tight, which usually means a product refresh is on the way.

Seems a pretty safe bet that new models are on the way, judging by the continued price cuts on these models via Amazon.

We can’t say we’re always certain of Wu, by the way, but expectation of new model MacBooks has been gathering energy for the last 2-3 weeks.

Wu warns that the new MacBooks will include Intel Arrandale chips (now available in quantity to OEMs) and will have ‘new features’ to help Apple look like it does indeed think different. He predicts the Macs will include the capacity to automatically overclock their processors when an application needs a speed boost.

Expect new machines to appear in the March quarter, Wu said, before hedging his bets with an admonition these new lappies may not be made available until early in the June quarter.

The news comes as recent reports confirm Apple held its recently-acquired fifth-place position in the French PC market in the final quarter 2009, with Gartner conceding Apple has had “significant growth” across Europe, where PC shipments totalled 20.2 million units.

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