Katy Perry – Sims singer

An interesting reflection on the increasing convergence between entertainment media – charting artist Katy Perry has teamed-up with Electronic Arts and The Sims to release a ‘Simlish’ Music Video for Her New Single ‘Hot ‘N Cold’.

The artist and EA today released the Simlish machinima music video for the song. Sung in the unique language of The Sims, (Simlish), the video was made using all gameplay footage from The Sims 2. This song is taken from her debut, RIAA gold-certified album ‘One of the Boys’.

“Being a gamer myself and a big fan of The Sims, I had a blast recording ‘Hot N Cold’ in Simlish,” Katy Perry said. “The essence of The Sims is all about creativity, community and humor which is also the foundation for making great music, so it’s a perfect fit.”

The Sims 2 Apartment Life soundtrack also features International hit artists such as Vanilla Sky from Italy, Ranetki Girls from Russia and Lola, a Hungarian pop star

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