Joost gets social as browser plug-in

Facing increasing competition in the market, online video service, Joost, has opted to dump its desktop client, reinventing itself as a cross-platform browser plug-in.

Joost was the brainchild of Skype/Kazaa co-founders Janus Friis and Niklas Zennström. At its inception the service aimed to distribute TV shows and other video content online using its own proprietary peer-to-peer technology.

However as competitors including iPlayer, iTunes and Hulu began to reach the market, Joost ultimately failed to grab the depth of content required to support success for the desktop client.

Now reinvented as a plug-in for existing browsers (and with some promising deals in place in China), Joost lets users grab video content using the self-same P2P technology. Initial reports suggest it works pretty well – there’s a review of the Mac browser plug-in here, for example…

Like almost every media service right now, the new Joost focused on social networking, offering a Facebook-like activity feed of what other users are watching, groups and loads of RSS feeds.

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