John Legend + iTunes = new promo deal

Cure frontman Robert Smith may have a beef with iTunes, but now John Legend has begun an international campaign using the Apple service’s ‘Complete My Album’ feature to promote Legend’s forthcoming ‘Evolver’ album.

The deal means iTunes Stores in 20 countries are offering Legend’s legion of fans a chance to buy selected tracks from the album, starting today with track, ‘Green Light (Afroganic Remix)’ (featuring Andre 3000). The album won’t ship in its entirety until October 28.

The way it works: Complete My Album allows music fans to buy albums at a reduced price based on songs they’ve already purchased – basically the cost of the per-track price is discounted from the standard album price, so you can own tracks now and buy the whole thing later on.

An additional two tracks will be available exclusively on iTunes across those same 20 territories on September 30 and October 14.

The album is the first full-length studio album in two years from the five time Grammy-winning recording artist.

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