Jobseeking in the UK? There’s a location-aware app for that

iPhone users in the UK now have a UK-gov-sponsored job hunting app from Jobcentre Plus.

The free app is also available for Android phones and is called, appropriately enought, the Jobcentre App. This lets users seek out jobs by location, save preferences and get info about vacancies. You can also see where vacancies are on Google Maps.

Later this year the developers hope to add a GPS feature which will let jobseekers spot jobs nearby, along with automatic notifications of new vacancies which match desired preferences.

In a commentary which underlines just why the UK government three strikes rule against file-sharing is unethical and unfair, Employment minister Jim Knight said Knight said: “In this digital age being online is not a luxury, it is a basic right. Evidence shows that access to the internet improves exam grades, earning potential and can save up to £600 on family bills.”

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