Jamendo offers creative license

There’s always space for an evolving alternative. Perhaps one of the more interesting alternatives to the major label-sponsored online music system comes from the really quite noteworthy Jamendo service.

What’s interesting about Jamendo is that it offers free access and free download of music tracks, tracks which are published under the Creative Commons licences. Artists choose to give Jamendo users free access to their music.

It’s an interesting idea. As musicians lose patience at the slow evolution of a switched-on and user friendly digital strategy on the part of many labels they are interested in exploring alternatives.

Take Italian band, Rein, who made their album available for free download (donationware) to music fans this week, telling fans, “The free and legal download system works and will work only if public will be able to understand the effort made by musicians to support it.”

Perhaps Rein could also add their music to the 10,961 albums made available so far through Jamendo, which boasts 380,304 active members.

Jamendo lets users download music in MP3 format online for free, and it is completely legal. The music is also available in Ogg format and on the eMule and BitTorrent networks.

Jamendo also enables users to donate money to artists that they like (there’s a minimum of €5 here), with the service retaining just a fraction of this in fees. And the service also offers 50% of its advertising revenues to artists who opt for this.

We’ve no word yet on any artists making millions using this alternative system, but with nine acts out of ten failing under the major label system, perhaps services like this can be part of the future’s overall digital music schema – your thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Jamendo offers creative license

  1. Ewan

    Great find Jonny, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the quality and range of music available. This is one of the best things about the web. Keep up the good work.

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