ITV broadcasts new show online first

ITV will make the first episode of new drama, ‘Britannia High’, available online a week before it airs on TV.
Set in a performing arts school the musical drama will be promoted through online, mobile, red button and a partnership with Bebo.

Britannia High is a contemporary British performing arts school. The cast will play a close knit group of six students, all sharing the same hopes and dreams of success.

The show’s written by Jonathan Harvey, whose previous credits include Coronation Street, Gimme Gimme Gimme and Murder Most Horrid.

The series climaxes in a 90-minute finale, taking the form of an end-of-term Students’ Showcase, featuring performances from the cast, intertwined with drama segments that conclude the story and journey of the characters.

Expect online episodes, an online radio station, singing and acting classes and other online initiatives.

Social network, Bebo, will show exclusive material.

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