i.TV 1.4 adds Comcast, U-Verse and more for iPhone

comcastmoviesThe latest iteration of free, popular and useful TV, movie, and DVD guide for the iPhone and iPod touch, i.TV made its debut today on Apple’s App Store.

i.TV 1.4 includes a dedicated tab for Comcast subscribers, the world’s first “shakable” advertisement, AT&T U-verse listings and major performance improvements.

“Along with efforts to make i.TV faster and more stable, i.TV 1.4 includes a special menu tab for Comcast subscribers with information about video on-demand offerings,” said i.TV CEO, Brad Pelo. “Yes, i.TV is a movie, DVD and TV guide, but it is also a hub where media companies can more directly interact with their customers.”

i.TV has also integrated services from companies, like TiVo and Netflix, in order to connect users with their favorite media providers. With the release of i.TV 1.4, i.TV users now have instant access to Comcast video on-demand listings.


– Comcast subscribers now have a dedicated section of i.TV that gives the latest, and in some cases, real-time information about Comcast’s video on-demand offerings.

– AT&T U-Verse now available for all coverage areas.

– i.TV introduces the world’s ?rst “shakable” ad. This limited release “Shake-down 2 Get Down” campaign from Dockers features Dufon, from the dance expressionist group “Circle of Fire.” When you see the ad pop up, just shake your device to make Dufon dance! This is the ?rst of many fun interactive experiences i.TV users will have with our advertising partners.

– i.TV startup time has been cut in half. Users are able to jump between TV and movie listings, as well as dates and times, with near instant data retrieval.

i.TV users have access to up-to-date, local TV and movie listings, as well as a catalogue of over 100,000 DVD titles. Users can write reviews, rate their favorite shows, and recommend shows to friends via an email alert. i.TV users are also able to view movie trailers and television previews, purchase movie tickets, rent DVDs, manage their Netflix queue, and remotely record their favorite shows to a TiVo DVR.

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  1. helena

    That’s great news for me. I’m really getting the value of my money by harnessing the full potential of my iPhone…

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