iTunes will sell four billion tracks this year

D45The iTunes Store has sold eight billion songs since launch in mid-2003, Apple executives confirmed last week, and recent months have seen music sales climb sky-high to a dizzying four billion projected track sales this year alone.

As it is it appears Apple’s new flexible pricing model hasn’t impacted against iTunes sales – while some tracks cost 99-pence or $1.29, the majority remain available at the previous price, with some songs shifting for lower.

It’s important to understand just how far iTunes has become a de facto store front for music sales. Between Jan 6, 2009 and July 21, 2009 the service sold 2 billion songs. That’s interesting when you consider it took Apple between April 28 2003 and January 10, 2007 to sell the first two billion. Clearly activity is hotting up, and the company has plans to extend the store into new European markets during the current year.

It’s also about experimenting with new formats and marketing exercises. The company has been running an extensive programme of live events in London, hosting packed houses and some of the world’s leading artists.

Apple has now also launched Digital 45s, a digital version of the classic vinyl 45s. You get two tracks for your money: the single and the B-side. Each Digital 45 costs £1.19 – cheaper than picking up the two songs separately.

“The vinyl 45 rpm record once ruled jukeboxes and helped bring artists into the hands of true music fans,” Apple says in its Digital 45s section. “iTunes is bringing this concept into a new age with D45s.”

Signing off, why not take a look at this graphic which does a nice job showing iTunes music sales since inception, thanks to our Italian friends at

7 thoughts on “iTunes will sell four billion tracks this year

  1. iphonerulez

    A pity. Eight billion songs and iTunes is only break-even. I hope the four billion this year will put it slightly above break-even.

  2. Steven

    iTunes is doing much better than break-even. But even if that were the case, in its primary mission, which is to sell iPods, it has been spectacularly successful.

  3. Fakundo

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