iTunes widget fetches art, lyrics,, more

Eternal Storms Software has introduced an interesting new tool for iTunes users, GimmeSomeTune 4.1.1. So, what’s it do?

This software automatically downloads artwork and lyrics for the currently playing song, shows an information window and scrobbles your music listening habit to ever-pervasive CBS-owned service,

There’s more – you also get to control iTunes with your Apple Remote and hotkeys.

(Artwork is fetched from several sites, including all Amazon stores and the Apple iTunes Store. Lyrics are downloaded from lyricwiki, leoslyrics and lyricsdownload.)

The Mac OS X 10.5-only application is compatible with iTunes 7.7, and there’s also an iTunes 7.7-compatible version for Mac OS X 10.4.

This handy application is donationware – please pop some cash into the trust box if you like the software, and prove Radiohead’s income from the ‘pay what you like’ release of ‘In Rainbows’ wasn’t an exception, but the rule.

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