iTunes Subscription services launch September?

Apple seems set to introduce a subscription-based music service, leveraging its wireless Mac, iPhone and iPod touch platforms.

The company is expected to introduce iTunes Unlimited at the supposed special event it is expected to host in September. The subscription service will be available initially only in the US, with around 50 per cent of what is currently included in the iTunes Store a la carte catalogue available via subscription.

We’ve no word yet on which companies are refusing Apple permission to offer their music, but our information hints that the service will offer subscribers music in 256k quality.

Pricing: $129.99 stand-alone or $179.99 with MobileMe, current MobileMe subscribers can add iTunes Unlimited for $99.99. One-year subscription period

Additional Highlights:

– When signed in to subscription account, “Buy” is “Get”;
– “Download and Play throughout iTunes Unlimited Subscription” or “Buy and Keep”;
– “Buy and Keep” option available for downloaded subscription songs, purchased version replaces subscription version;

If this report – which is an expression of rumour, not fact, is true, Apple plans a late October launch of the service, in conjunction with the release of iTunes 7.8.

Via: MacDailyNews

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