iTunes Store comes to Linux

Linux users are promised a new way to play music purchased from iTunes that is protected by Apple’s FairPlay DRM on the Linux operating system.

Broken Fractal Ventures has announced the immediate and free availability of a GStreamer plugin dubbed “El Tunes” which lets Linux users play FairPlay DRMed music tracks purchased via Appleā€™s iTunes Music Store. The software doesn’t remove the DRM, rather it acts as an unofficial FairPlay implementation on Linux.

El Tunes has been tested on Ubuntu 8.04 using RhythmBox but should function on any modern Linux Distro with GStreamer and a media player that utilizes GStreamer. The company is offering tested packages for Ubuntu and a gzipped tarball for all other Linux distributions. If using the tarball, untar it as root as it installs system-wide.

The current version has no Pause / Seek support and cannot de-authorize a machine for playback. Future upgrades should fix this and also add support for watching iTunes-purchased video content on Linux.

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