iTunes offers The Clash ‘London Calling’ vid for free

iTunes has a huge treat for fans of seminal UK band, The Clash – a free video of the act performing classic track, ‘London Calling’.

The video is described by customers on the iTunes site as the “iconic video of the iconic song by an iconic band.” It’s also described as “arguably the best song from arguably the best band that ever graced the face of the earth”. High praise indeed.

The video emerges just weeks since the release of ‘The Clash Live at Shea Stadium’, a classic collection of songs from one of the band’s most important ever gigs.

In a recent interview, Mick Jones said of the time: “Everything always just went so fast, from the start to the finish of the Clash. We were continually doing stuff, and we really never thought that much about it. We were very conscious of continually putting stuff out, recording everything even when there was no real reason to. Even these shows, we recorded them because we were doing a video, and so we just recorded the whole shows to cut to the numbers we filmed. Then, after that, they got lost anyway and didn’t show up until much later, when one of us moved.”

He added, “You might think that the more popular we got, the further we’d get from our goals that we set out with, but I just don’t think that’s true. I don’t see it as any different, but all as one thing that we should be able to do, and try to represent where we came from.”

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