iTunes finally opens up to unsigned acts

Pure Play Music has reached a digital distribution deal designed to bring its catalogue of 1.5 million tracks from unsigned artists to iTunes, eMusic, Amazon and Napster.

As part of the partnership, one of the four distribution channels, iTunes, will be giving Pure Play Music its own drop-down category on the front page of their Web site. Music enthusiasts can log onto iTunes, listen to the artist’s song, and, if they like it, click on a link that directs them to the artist’s personal profile page at Pure Play Music.

Pure Play Music currently makes its catalogue available to over 25,000 retailers worldwide through existing partnerships and through its six genre-specific satellite radio streams.
“We are very happy,” says Richard Labrum, Vice President of Business Affairs. “We are pleased that we can offer all our artists an opportunity to sell and monetize their music though these four industry staples. This partnership will serve as a springboard to enhance the visibility of our artists, and enhance the platform their music can be heard on.
“The online distribution model is changing,” says Lebrum. “We are spearheading these efforts to enable artists the maximum amount of exposure with a minimum amount of risks. By forging partnerships with outlets already established in the space, we can leverage their connections, and they benefit from our vast catalogue of world-wide artists. The new era of distribution is now, and we are thrilled to take the leadership role.”

Pure Play currently features and promotes over 6,000 acts from a total of 42 countries, all of whom have been vetted through the stringent Pure Play A&R selection and legal process.
Artists grant Pure Play specific non-exclusive commercial rights to their music.  Under development for launch for the end of 2008 is ‘Pure Play People,’ the Pure Play social networking platform, believed to be the next generation of both social networking and radio broadcasting.

8 thoughts on “iTunes finally opens up to unsigned acts

  1. Jeremy

    iTunes has been open to unsigned acts for years, using independent digital distributors like FoxyMelody and CD Baby

  2. Jed Foster

    I’ve been on iTunes for a few years now, as an unsigned artist… first through CDBaby, then through Tunecore. iTunes allowing indie artists is not a new thing at all. This is just a large chunk of artists all at once.

  3. Matt Culpepper

    We use also use Tunecore now, its a great service…..unsigned exclusive is incorrect, iTunes support unsigned and we are happy with the service!

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