iTunes attack: MySpace preps iLike buy-out

We thought it had gone just a little bit quiet with MySpace Music – now we know why – backed by News International it appears MySpace is attempting to acquire popular music steaming and recommendation service, iLike (which launched its own music download service this week) for a cool $20 million.

This news is going to concern Apple’s iTunes team – iLike is the music network that’s most used by Facebook users, and with millions using that service, News International could leverage its new property under the MySpace Music umberella to make a pretty big attempt to unseat Apple’s music service from its current position of market dominance.

iLike counts 50 million registered users for its service, which monitors listening habits and can make musical recommendations.

10 million users access iLike via a Facebook application.

TechCrunch reports that MySpace is interested in the technology and the iLike team, which includes Ali Partovi, Hadi Partovi and Nat Brown.

If the deal goes through, the move will give MySpace Music a real leg-up in the game of social network-based music sales, as interest in MySpace itself as a network has waned in terms of popular consciousness, and this deal gives the service an effective footprint within the rival social network, Facebook.

Meanwhile, rumours do exist claiming Apple’s considering the launch of its very own social network, possibly using its gigantic new server farm as backbone for the extension of the service into the new socially-connected technology paradigm.

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