Is this the best-sounding iPod speaker system?

It’s open to question whether this particular iPod speaker system is the key to unlock the device’s use in the audiophile market, but it looks the business.

Radio manufacturer/developer Revo. has introduced its iPod speaker system, The BLOK, a docking station that uses patented technology from Cambridge based NXT.
The system is a nice mix: combining high quality materials with patented audio technologies and high fidelity acoustics.
In place of the usual lightweight plastic mouldings the BLOK is built into a hand-built American Walnut wooden cabinet, this heavy cabinet give a reassuringly solid feel but its natural acoustics combine with NXT’s premium ‘Balanced Radiator’ loudspeaker technology to produce a rich, natural musical sound.
NXT has developed the BR low-profile loudspeaker which is capable of generating a wide field of sound, from deep bass notes to high trebles, from a single high-technology transducer.  This combines the performance of the well-received NXT flat panel speaker with the pistonic movement of a conventional loudspeaker in a system the manufacturer promises will deliver a true HiFi performance, which, coupled with BLOK’s built-in 40 watt digital amplifier mans you should experience full-bodied room filling sound.
Matching the wood finish are all the switches, inlays and bezels which are custom manufactured from machined aluminium, a remote control and an iPod dock. These systems cost just shy of £200 (OK, £199.95), and you’ll find them for sale at John Lewis and Revo.

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