Is this the Apple Jesus tablet?? (Probably not…)

The latest Apple tablet fakery or the real deal? You get to decide, or enjoy the chance to witness the real deal tomorrow…

“These ones come from designer Dustin Curtis, who claims he has “reason to believe these are real, and that the person who took/released them purposefully manipulated the reflections to add doubt about their authenticity,” says Digital Beat.

Meanwhile, the latest rumour out of Germany: “Electronics retailer Media Markt, German’s version of Best Buy, has published a tweet: “Apple iPad – Ab 01. Maerz bei Ihrem Media Markt fuer nur 499,- Euro im T-Mobile Complete L Vertrag (sonst 899,- Euro)”.

This message says is that the Apple iPad would be on sale at Media Markt for about $700 starting March 1st with T-Mobile contract. Without contract it would sell for about $1,270.

The tweet was of course deleted, and we can’t imagine a huge electronics chain would have this information at this time – more tellingly, we can’t imagine it sharing the info if it had it…

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