iPool music promo software reaches version three

The updated iPool v.3, popular software for online music promotion and digital business-to-business music distribution is available now.

The solution has over 120 new features compared with the previous version and now supports all data formats.

This means iPool customers can also provide media and business partners with broadcast quality video clips, booklets, biographies, printable press photos and much more.

The software also offers automatic transfer via FTP – handy if you’re trying to rush the music to a radio DJ in a hurry, for example. As well as pure audio data, iPool can also transfer other data, such as cover pictures, video clips and metadata in XML format.

iPool also observes that offering the opportunity to upload music to services such as iTunes means independent labels currently forking out cash to an aggregator to perform this function for them can now side-step the gatekeeper and do it themself. “In this way iPool customers save themselves the cost of royalties that would otherwise be retained by the aggregator,” the company said.

The iPool feedback function has also been improved and expanded. Now, if desired, iPool can be configured in such a way that the download of music titles is only possible after the media partner has approved the release. Alternatively, iPool can also be set up so that it is initially possible to download tracks, but is automatically locked if the recipient has not left any feedback after a certain period of time.

The new version also brings with it a number of new special features. For every release, iPool 3 automatically produces an information sheet in PDF format that can be downloaded by an iPool customer’s media and business partners, and printed out if required. Likewise, iPool now automatically generates the prelisten version of a track, including fade-ins and fade-outs. In order that e-mail newsletters can be sent quicker, iPool 3 can now create e-mail templates to be used for future mailings.

The “iPool Watermark Container” has been completely redeveloped and made easier to use. This additional tool, in conjunction with iPool, makes it possible to protect music data with a watermark against illegal distribution. In addition, the new iPool version brings with it many new detailed improvements.

According to company data, iPool supplies more than 50,000 media and music pros worldwide with the latest music.

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