iPod touch price cuts – new version soon?

We’re not 100 percent convinced on this, but we do note the imminent Apple tablet announcement on January 27, likely to be accompanied by a first glance at iPhone (and iPod touch) Software version 4.0 – but what’s got us extremely curious is the new price we see on the 32GB iPod touch over at Amazon – $30 off. Not bad.

Here in the UK it costs £209.89 -that’s near £25 off the “normal” Apple price of £234.

Meanwhile, Canaccord Adams’ Peter Misek (via Apple 2.0), says there is a “good chance” that Steve Jobs will be announce a Verizon iPhone. And we learn Apple is engaged in tablet-related New York meetings with major US book publishers this week than a small and potentially related move by Amazon caught our eye.

Amazon has meanwhile changed its Kindle book distribution deal, offering publishers 70 percent royalties (from June 30).

Interesting times – under the ether is that camera on its way?

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