iPod product failing explained

Apple’s iPod has generated a huge ecosystem of third-party products, but customers who own these products, particularly high-priced devices such as advanced speaker systems or Numark’s iPod DJ mixers, may be infuriated at a recent Apple step to disable some support for these products in its latest range of iPods.

Digital music fans connecting their new iPod nano to an existing peripheral, for example the iDJ (which cost more than an iPod) will be greeted with a message warning them that their iPod will not be recharged when inserted in the peripheral device. And customers have never been warned about this step.

Now we’ve learned what the problem is. The recently launched iPod nano G4 and iPod touch G2 have changed slightly from their predecessors in terms of how they charge – they now only charge via USB.

Previously, iPods also charged via Firewire, both over the 30 pin connector. Because of this, for speaker docks to charge and play an iPod, they must provide charge over USB.

“This is important as many major brands followed the Firewire technology route and so their speaker docks will not charge the new iPods,” an industry insider told Distorted Loop.

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