iPod nano upgrade looms

Apple plans a late summer refresh of its iPod range, with news emerging from the Far East claiming new colours, higher storage and more features will be introduced in the device.

9 to 5 Mac (a website which correctly predicted last year’s range) states that the new colour of iPod nano will in fact be lots of colours, promising: “First up is the Nano which will appear in multiple colours…not multiple colour versions but each one will have a plethora of colours.”

The report also explains the next-generation iPod nano will offer double the present level of storage (so up to 16GB), and informs “new features will be added”.

9 to 5 Mac declines to offer much more on these. Some speculation does exist that Apple may introduce WiFi in the device, opening the door for further extension of its wireless mobile device family, currently including all Macs, the iPod touch and iPhone.

Apple last updated the iPod nano on September 5, 2007, introducing support for video playback for the first time.

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