iPhones get essential Music 2.0 book – free

We read Gerd Leonhard’s blog a lot – he has a great eye for details which may escape some, so we find it stimulating. Anyway, he’s published a book all about music and what it can be tomorrow, called Music 2.0, and today released a version of the title for the iPhone.

“A lot of people have contacted me about wanting to read my last book, Music 2.0, on their iPhone,” Gerd explained. He’d already released it in PDF form for free download and read on a computer, of course, but the 7MB file’s far too cumbersome for Apple’s device to happily mess with…

So Leonhard converted the title into an HTML file using Instapaper, meaning users need to install Instapaper on their iPhone. After that they must visit the media futurist’s website, add it to the application and “boom”, you have a hugely thought-provoking book to take a look at.

Music 2.0 describes what the next generation of music companies will actually look like. In the book, Gerd Leonhard heads straight for the bottom-line and doesn’t mince his words.

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