iPhone takes a pretty pill, synthPond ripples


synthPond is kind of beautiful, its a musical sequencer-cum-toy for the iPhone, in which you place nodes in a field, or pond.

Move the notes around and you’ll create all kinds of laid-back “ambient” melodies. Additionally, because all the nodes are spatially organized, the music created can be placed in a 3D space – in other words you can have the music feeling like it is coming from all around you when you have your headphones each.

synthPond was built with mobileFrameworks, an iPhone related c++ library for artists. And it’s also really quite pretty to look at.

If this little gem of an application appeals to you, then we think you’ll also like the retro vintage sound of iStylophone, which puts a stylophone (as once advertised by the great Rolf Harris) inside your iPhone, it ships December 1.

3 thoughts on “iPhone takes a pretty pill, synthPond ripples

  1. doug

    very cool demonstration, I just got an iphone and can’t wait to try this out.. wanted to hear some of the other samples in the other save slots!

  2. Jacinda Buchler

    Hi. I just want to say that it was a nice reading. I hope you come out with more interesting posts, because I bookmarked your website. All the best.

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