iPhone Sales Will Hit 500k In Korea This Week As Google Search Grip Slows

In a sign of what’s to come as regulators tighten their grip on the search and browser markets, Apple in Korea has been asked to allow Koreans to use their own choice of search engine on the iPhone.

At present, Google is the default search engine on the iPhone, as it is on most Android-based phones. Apple does also offer Yahoo search as an option within the Safari Settings menu on the iPhone. There has also been recent talk of a move to offer Microsoft’s Bing search engine, perhaps as the default engine as the battle between Apple and Google grows.

Korean telecoms regulators want this choice of search engine extended, with the Korea Communications Commission (KCC), looking into whether the practice restrict consumer choice.

“Korea is one of a few countries where local search engines are widely used. In this regard, we have sent an email requesting Apple expand user options (for search engines),” the KCC said, as reported by the Korea Times.

The KCC is considering demanding all handset makers and mobile operators add Korean search services as options.

The iPhone launched in Korea in late November 2009. iPhone sales passed 400,000 units in just 100 days and are set to surpass the 500,000 mark this week.

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