iPhone now tunes into internet radio

Apple’s iPhone has never had its own built-in internet radio receiver, now it does with Rogue Amoeba’s introduction of Radioshift Touch, the first application for the device from the developer.

Radioshift Touch opens the world of internet radio to iPhone users, delivering access to thousands of audio streams over WiFi, EDGE, and 3G.

Radioshift Touch features listings powered by RadioTime, though it’s listings are a sub-set of those available to the Mac version of the app – specifically offering access only to MP3 streams.

There’s thousands of radio stations available through the software – you can check if your particular favourites are included before you purchase the $9.99 application is available using the developer’s online station browser.

Additional features include on-the-fly connectivity – the application will always connect to internet radio stations using the most stable internet connection. You can also browse stations by genre, save favourite stations, search by keyword and see what the most popular stations are right now.

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