iPhone nano rumour is go…

Apple’s plans to launch an iPhone nano took another baby step through the credibility gap last night, when it emerged that at least one third-party firm has begin working on “nano-styled iPhone dock”.

The Daily Mail last weekend reported that Apple is developing an iPhone nano, which it reckons the company wants to get into the shops in time for Christmas. The gadget’s going to cost £150 and be available on a pay-as-you-go basis, the Mail claimed, citing sources.

Lehman Brother analyst Ben Reitzes later poured scorn on these claims, saying that while he believes Apple is working on a lower-end iPhone form factor, he didn’t think it would arrive until Spring 2009.

We still think Apple has been quietly developing an entry level iPhone for some time, and we do think the company will launch the product just as soon as it begins to see some decline in iPod sales. With a credit crunch emerging, we’d like to ask if there’s a better time to do it than this Christmas?

And now it seems accessory maker, Digital Lifestyle Outfitters (DLO), has been working on a nano-styled iPhone dock since 2006…they even have a patent for it…

This is going to happen. The only question is when, and what shape it will end up being…

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