iPhone-friendly 3M Pico Projector Will Seize Hearts

3M has introduced the must-have iPhone-friendly MPro150 Pocket Projector, a tiny device that’s bound to climb onto at least a few expense accounts.

It features 1GB built-in memory, a removable micro SD card, all-in-one application suite and an intuitive user interface in an entirely cable-free, ultra-portable device.

The company is sells an adapter cable which enables you to project video from an iPhone via the new £349 3M projector.

Measuring just 130mm x 60mm x 24mm and weighing 160 grams the MPro150 is the first in 3M’s range of Pocket Projectors.

Users can project VGA images up to 50-inches at 15 lumens brightness and with 100 per cent HD colour. It has a robust battery life of two hours and an LED light source means there is no need for a replacement bulb.

It includes 1GB of built-in memory and a 2GB interchangeable micro SD card for additional storage. Presentations, videos, music and photos can be pre-loaded onto the projector itself via mini USB, VGA and composite video inputs.

It supports projection of Microsoft Office applications (Word, PowerPoint and Excel), Adobe PDF, as well as photos (BMP and JPG) and videos (MPEG-4 and H.264) directly from the device. It has a vibrant on-screen interface with colourful icons for easy navigation to stored files and organisation of favourites for quick access.

An integrated MP3 player and audio output jack complement its two half-watt stereo speakers.

More information (and a chance to win one of ten free projectors) click here.

2 thoughts on “iPhone-friendly 3M Pico Projector Will Seize Hearts

  1. Bradley Dichter

    Is 15 lumens a useful brightness? And that is it’s high brightness mode! I’m used to even mobile projectors with 2200 lumens and even home theater ones with 1300.

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