UPDATED: iPhone boosts Pandora growth

UPDATED STORY – (Error First, Westergreen said that the iPhone accounts for half of Pandora’s NEWusers , not total users. Second, Pandora doubled growth):

The iPhone has helped Pandora double its growth rate, revealed company chief Tim Westergreen at Digital Music Forum West last week.

Westergreen also noted the imminent shakedown among webcasters, now MySpace Music has launched with major label support. “I think the fate of the small webcasters will be determined in the next few months,” he said.

The iPhone has been a Pandora growth story, he confirmed – iPhone accounts for 1.5 million of Pandora’s 17 million members – and has doubled growth rate from 20,000 to 40,000+ new users each day. “It has people thinking a little differently about what internet radio is,” Westergreen said, noting that attempts to prove a subscription model for access to content have so far failed.

But Westergreen doesn’t buy into the ‘access not ownership’ mantra that’s causing so much excitement: “I think I listen to iTunes more than Pandora… I’m not somebody who believes that’s all going to vanish,” he added, but pointed out, “People don’t want to have to work for their music” he said.

On attempting to work with music licensing companies, Westergreen confirmed what everyone attempting to explore new music industry business models has found, “If there was one thing I could say to labels it would be ‘Can we please figure out an international licensing structure?” he said.

Thanks to the commenters who pointed out my foolish misapprehension below. I’ve revised this item to reflect the facts, rather than my deluded senior moment. We’re scheduling a chat with Pandora to find out more about what they do, and to help make us more accurate in future.

UPDATED TO ADD: It’s all about being device agnostic, that’s the opportunity, perhaps, today’s news: “Chumby is now giving music fans a new way to stay constantly connected to the music of their favorite artists, while also introducing them to new music they’ll love. All chumby players can now tune into personalized radio stations from Pandora accounts and have Pandora set as the audio source for custom alarm clocks. Additionally, chumby users will now be able to search and view music videos and more from a music video widget powered by tipMotion from Avot Media, Inc., and receive up-to-the-minute music news and images from RollingStone.com, all without logging onto a computer.” More here...

Here’s his keynote discussion:

9 thoughts on “UPDATED: iPhone boosts Pandora growth

  1. F.Baube

    International IPR is a mess. Obama could show some leadership, tech savvy, and flair by putting international net music royalties on the table in trade talks. By doing so he could also demonstrate some distance from the Hollywood mafia that usually holds the Dems in thrall.

    Go, Pandora!

  2. Joe Lazarus

    Interesting, but I think you have a few factual errors in this post. First, Westergreen said that the iPhone accounts for half of Pandora’s NEW users, not total users. Second, Pandora doubled their growth from 20 THOUSAND new users per day to 40 THOUSAND.

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