iPhone-controlled iPad Becomes TV Games Console – Can Apple TV Be Far Behind??

Once again, with the technology so obvious that developers are already creating such solutions, there is a future for the Apple TV, as a low cost console for the television that aggregates all your iTunes media, offers internet access and surfing, a full selection of HD or upscaled iPhone apps and higher capacity.

Oh, and the new Apple TV system is controlled by your iPod touch, iPhone, or future low-cost touch sensitive remote control that will ship in the box with the new product…

Look it is so really going to happen. Here’s the story of this clip:

“Dave at Magic Jungle Software wanted to turn the iPad into a video game console. So he got on his thinking cap and did a little bit of development to turn his idea into a reality. The video you see here shows an iPad running a demo of his game, Chopper 2 (currently in development), while connected to a 42? TV via Apple’s component cable.”

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